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Circle’s USDC Surpasses Tether’s USDT: A Game-Changing Moment in Stablecoin Transactions

In a monumental shift within the digital asset landscape, Circle’s USD Coin (USDC) has recently taken the lead over Tether’s USDT in stablecoin transactions. This development marks a significant milestone, signaling a transformation in the dynamics of the crypto market. Let’s delve deeper into this groundbreaking moment and explore its implications for the future of stablecoins and digital asset transactions.

The Rise of USDC

The journey of USDC to prominence has been nothing short of remarkable. According to data from Visa, USDC recorded a staggering 166.6 million transactions in April 2024, surpassing USDT’s 163.6 million monthly transactions. This surge in transaction volume underscores the growing popularity and acceptance of USDC within the digital asset ecosystem.

A Shift in Market Dynamics

The shift in market dynamics became evident in late 2023 when USDC’s monthly transactions exceeded those of USDT for the first time. Since then, USDC has continued to gain momentum, challenging the dominance of Tether in the stablecoin market. Despite Tether’s market capitalization exceeding $110 billion and its significant user base, USDC’s rapid ascent highlights its potential to disrupt the stablecoin landscape.

Implications for the Stablecoin Market

The rise of USDC has far-reaching implications for the stablecoin market. While Tether remains the largest stablecoin globally, USDC’s surge signals a shift in the competitive landscape. With a market capitalization of $33.5 billion, USDC’s growing prominence underscores its role as a key player in facilitating digital asset transactions.

User Adoption and Transaction Volume

While Tether maintains a lead in total users, with over 34.2 million unique wallets compared to USDC’s 9.57 million, the surge in USDC transactions is indicative of its increasing traction among users. The stablecoin market has witnessed substantial growth, with millions of users actively engaging in transactions using USDC and other stablecoins.

Insights from Visa’s Analytics Dashboard

Visa’s stablecoin analytics dashboard, introduced in April, provides valuable insights into stablecoin transactions. Tracking multiple stablecoins, including USDC, USDT, Paxos dollar (USDP), and PayPal USD (PYUSD), the dashboard reveals significant transaction volumes, totaling over $2.3 trillion across more than 352 million transactions in the last 30 days.

The Role of Stablecoins in the Crypto Ecosystem

Stablecoins play a pivotal role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, enabling traders to navigate between digital assets swiftly. With a total market capitalization exceeding $161 billion, stablecoins constitute a significant portion of the overall crypto market cap, highlighting their importance in ensuring liquidity and stability within the crypto space.

Future Outlook

The ascendancy of USDC as a prominent player in stablecoin transactions signifies a paradigm shift in the competitive landscape of digital assets. As USDC continues to gain traction and surpass industry giants like Tether, the dynamics of stablecoin usage and adoption are evolving, shaping the future of digital asset transactions and market dynamics.


The rise of Circle’s USDC to prominence in stablecoin transactions marks a transformative moment in the digital asset landscape. With its growing transaction volume and increasing adoption, USDC has emerged as a formidable competitor to Tether and other stablecoins. As the stablecoin market continues to evolve, USDC’s ascent reflects the changing dynamics of digital asset transactions, paving the way for innovation and growth in the crypto ecosystem.